About Us

We are an Iranian law firm with international professionals and clients

Polaris is founded by Iranian experienced and most highly educated lawyers, with hands-on our professionals from around the world including China, UK and UAE, in order to provide clients with highest attainable standards of legal services in order for them to make informed decisions, improve their performance, and grow their business in an extremely complex regulatory and business environment of Iran.

We are Outcome-Oriented

Combining our global local team and the advanced internet technology, we are committed to providing the optimal results for our Clients. Managed by an international lawyers team, Polaris ruthlessly implement a set of good international standards and internal procedures to ensure best outcomes. We do not tolerate any compromise on the Services. It is our strongest belief that international business deserves the best services in Iran as they do in many other countries.

We provide local solutions in an international way

We are a global platform collecting Iranian experience from all around the world. Initiated by international professionals having hands-on work experience in Iran, Polaris requires all professionals working on the platform to have on-the-ground knowledge on Iran. Managed by an international team based in different offices around the world, Polaris supports your Iranian business in an international way. You don’t need to choose local firms working in their own way.

We feel socially responsible

Our sole orientation is not business. We encourage our lawyers to do pro bono work that is meaningful, impactful and supports those in need.

We always support equality value and human rights. We happily welcome requests from NGOs for advice or other legal services.

Last but not least, we do not stand up for parties for whom we deem no genuine right.

Our Clients

We can grow only when our Clients grow in Iran. Hence, our services are for YOU; whether Iranian or foreign company, to help your business in Iran.