A Handy Insight to Methods of Incorporating Business in Iran

While foreign companies, unless restricted under certain laws and regulations, can have transactions with and even within Iran even without being registered, they might decide, for instance for a long-term and constant presence in Iran, to be incorporate in Iran. […]

registry plan for imported cellphones postponed

The Registry Plan for Cellphones Will Be Implemented from October

According to the ‘Center for Combat against Illicit Trade’,  the registry plan as a solution to boycott illegally imported cellphones will be put in force from October this year. The registry plan have been on table for several months and most lately […]

Korea investment in Iran

South Korea to invest in Hormuzgan projects

from: South Korean investors are eager to invest in Iranian oil terminals, solar power plants, synthetic cycle power plants and port facilities in Hormuzgan Province. Governor General of Hormuzgan Province Jassem Jadori said that investors will extend $96 million to […]

investment by Italians in Iran energy sector

Italian Firms Keen on Joining Iran Energy Projects

 from: 5 July, 2016- Head of the Italy Desk of the 2016 World Conference of Mayors and Councilors says Italian companies are keen on investing in Iran’s energy projects including renewables. Farzan Azarpour, said attraction of foreign investments is a […]

Kish Island, one of the most important Iranian Free Zones

A Handy Insight to Iran Free Trade Zones (FTZs)

  Background   Establishment of free zones in Iran economy was first put forward as an attempt to circumvent the centralized public economy of Iran. They were formally established in 1993 by the act on  “Administration of Free industrial and […]

Iran Mining Law

Iran’s Mining Industry

Iran is rich not only in oil and gas, but in mineral deposits, as well. Iran has the world’s largest zinc reserves and second largest reserves of copper. It also has important reserves of iron, uranium, lead, chromite, manganese, coal […]


Chemical Transactions with Iran after Sanctions

Prior to the full imposing of sanctions in 2012, Iran had a buoyant, oil driven economy, with major trading partners in Germany, France, Italy and Greece (who together accounted for more than one third of Iran’s total import and exports. […]

privatization of transportation in Iran

Privatization and Structure of Iran’s Transportation System

Summary: Iran’s land transportation fleet with 236,000 vehicles is in charge of carrying 76 percent of the cargo and 24 percent of the passenger loads in the country. The railroad network is also equipped with 500 locomotives, 15,000 cargo and […]

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran safe for foreign investments

12.6.2016 Cited from: Business Standard Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran was the most secure and lucrative market for investments, an official said on Sunday. “The enemies such as the Zionists and the Saudi Arabia are making attempts to tell banks […]