Korea investment in Iran

South Korea to invest in Hormuzgan projects

from: www.iran-daily.com/News/155572.html South Korean investors are eager to invest in Iranian oil terminals, solar power plants, synthetic cycle power plants and port facilities in Hormuzgan Province. Governor General of Hormuzgan Province Jassem Jadori said that investors will extend $96 million to […]

investment by Italians in Iran energy sector

Italian Firms Keen on Joining Iran Energy Projects

 from: www.shana.ir/en 5 July, 2016- Head of the Italy Desk of the 2016 World Conference of Mayors and Councilors says Italian companies are keen on investing in Iran’s energy projects including renewables. Farzan Azarpour, said attraction of foreign investments is a […]


Chemical Transactions with Iran after Sanctions

Prior to the full imposing of sanctions in 2012, Iran had a buoyant, oil driven economy, with major trading partners in Germany, France, Italy and Greece (who together accounted for more than one third of Iran’s total import and exports. […]


Iran Regulation on IPC

Regulation with regard to General Conditions, Structure and Sample of Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts Ministry of Petroleum- Department of Commercial and Treasury Affairs Pursuant to the proposal of Ministry of Petroleum No. 2/20_302819 dated 9/20/2015 and with reference to […]


Iran Petroleum Act

Official Gazette No.1244, dated Nov. 2, 1987   No.1/4331   His Excellency the Prime Minister Enclosed please find the Petroleum Act which went through all the legal procedures and was passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on October 1, 1987. […]