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Sahel Ramezani

Qualifications & Professional Memberships

PhD University of Tehran

LLM Freie Universität Berlin; LLM University of Tehran

Member of Iran Central Bar

Member of Iran National Elites Foundation

Partner at Polaris Lawyers


Contact Details

Mob: +98(912) 762 01 78

E-mail: ramezani@polarislawyers.com




Sahel is a young lawyer with PhD level education in top EU and Iran universities.

During her 10-year legal experience, she has advised more than six international companies covering a wide spectrum of industries including inspection, shipping, tobacco, power, petrochemicals, trade, oil and gas, etc.

Her academic interest is in competition and regulatory law. She has written her first master thesis on IP law and her second master thesis and PhD proposal on Competition and regulatory law. Most charming to her are competition and regulatory law in telecommunication industry, regulating internet, big data and cloud computing.

However, in her career she has been more focusing on foreign investment in Iran, Corporate Law, Iran IP law and Sanction check.

For the past two years, her law practice has concentrated on Iran buy-back and, most recently, the new Iran Petroleum Contracts (IPC). For instance, during the last 10 months she was intensely busy giving legal advice to SINOPEC, the biggest Chinese oil and gas company, in Iran.

She is also our firm’s player in Europe. Recently she was leading a big cases regarding enforcement of a very critical Iranian judgments in UK which required conservancy over different level sanctions against Iran.

While she is more focused on legal advocacy, she acts like a true warrior when it comes to litigation. She is a member of Iran Central Bar having first stand license. She has attended courts for her clients including customs cases, tax cases, claims for damages, etc. As an example of her diverse experience, she was involved in a claim for damages which finally led to award of 10 million USD damages due to breach, by defendant, of contract.



University of Tehran, PhD (Private Law)

Freie Universität Berlin, MBL (European Business, Competitiona and Regulatory Law)

University of Tehran, LL.M. (Private Law)

University of Tehran, LL.B.


Academic and Research Background

Assistant Professor, Azad University of Iran, (2013-2014): Lecturer in Commercial Law (I, II), Arbitration Law

Researcher, Iran Islamic Parliament (2012): Codification of Iran laws and regulations


-Protection of Human Gene Sequencing Innovation (Patent and alternatives) (master thesis)

-Self-binding Commitments as A Source of Obligation (Comparative Study Of Iran, French And

Swiss Legal System)

– How Does EU Law Treat International Agreements Concluded by EU Member States? When Are

They Allowed, and When Are They Binding on the EU?, SSRN working paper series


– Extraterritorial Responsibility toward Refugees: Common Responsibility of International

Community (submitted to GLOTHRO workshop, Danish Institute for International Studies,



Certificates and Events

Certificate in “Human Rights and Gender Equality”, United Nation Association of Georgia

Certificate in “Labour Procedural Law and Human Rights”, UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

Membership in the main committee of national seminar of “Press Law” with co-operation of UNDP

Membership in the main committee of national seminar of “Government and protections as to economic, social and cultural rights” with co-operation of UNDP

Chair of national seminar of “Judgment and Family Law” with co-operation of UNDP and Judicial Department of Iran

Team Coach, Jessup International Moot Court