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    Siemens to invest $100m in Iran’s energy sector

    By Trade Arabia   Siemens, a global technology powerhouse, is planning to invest around $100 million in Iran’s energy sector as part of its strategy to boost its presence in the Persian country, said a report. The company is looking at […]

    registry plan for imported cellphones postponed

    The Registry Plan for Cellphones Will Be Implemented from October

    According to the ‘Center for Combat against Illicit Trade’,  the registry plan as a solution to boycott illegally imported cellphones will be put in force from October this year. The registry plan have been on table for several months and most lately […]

    Korea investment in Iran

    South Korea to invest in Hormuzgan projects

    from: www.iran-daily.com/News/155572.html South Korean investors are eager to invest in Iranian oil terminals, solar power plants, synthetic cycle power plants and port facilities in Hormuzgan Province. Governor General of Hormuzgan Province Jassem Jadori said that investors will extend $96 million to […]

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  • Comparison between Establishment of Branch Office and an Iranian Company

    As two most popular forms of direct investment, branch office and 100% owned Iranian company are compared based on different elements and factors: Titles Company Branch Registration -In accordance with Iran Commercial Code – can be owned 100% by foreign […]


    A Handy Insight to Methods of Incorporating Business in Iran

    While foreign companies, unless restricted under certain laws and regulations, can have transactions with and even within Iran even without being registered, they might decide, for instance for a long-term and constant presence in Iran, to be incorporate in Iran. […]

    New changes and amendments applied to Iran tax law

    How recent changes to tax law affect foreign companies

    The Amendment to Iran Direct Tax Law was finally published in the official gazette in August 2015 and shall become applicable from next Iranian year (21st of March, 2016). The amendment includes changes which could significantly affect foreign investors in […]

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